Week 1- Quizzes

Week One has been a learning curve for me.

In week one I did numerous quizzes including the nettiquette, personality learning style personality, multiple intelligence and the emotional intelligence lquiz.

This quiz was an eye opener for me as I thought I would do a lot better then I did. The first time I did the quiz I only got a four out of a possible ten questions correct. This quiz was very useful in helping me understand what and when I should do certain things and what I should and should not do.

Personality Learning Style
Yet to come

Multiple Intelligence

Logical (number smart)
Interpersonal (people smart)
Linguistic (word smart)
Kinaetic (body smart)
Intrapersonal (myslef smart)
Visual (picture smart)
Naturalistic (nature smart)
Musical (music smart)

I found these results to be very interesting as they reflect the skills required in my choosen career path. I was quite surprised visual was so low on the list as I believe i am a very visual person. The other results were all very accurate as i am not very Nature or Music smart.

My results in this quiz were not surprising at all. I found that I was: ESFJ

  • moderately expressed exxtrovert (44%)
  • moderately expressed sensing personality (50%)
  • moderately expressed feeling personality (50%)
  • moderately expressed judging personality (33%)

I found the results for this quiz quite accurate. I believe that the results may very each day with a number of factors affecting the outcome. I did this test twice, just to see if i would acquire the same result and i found that my two results were different. The first time i did the quiz i got 50% which i believe is not a true indication of me. However the second time i did the quiz i got 60% which i believe is a better representaion of me.

After completeing these quizzes I feel that they could very very useful to teachers. They allow teachers to understand learning styles of each individual student therefore assisting them in getting the most out of every student.

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