I enjoyed creating my VOKI and I'm sure most students would enjoy creating their own. VOKI avatars could be used as an educational tool; they could be used by students who are not strong public speakers and also for students who learn more effectively listening. It involves creativity and it engages students in their school work. VOKI avatars could be used for examples of written text, therefore allowing students to have a face to face experience. This type of tool is much more engagng then just reading text. Technology such as this enables students to meaningfully engaged in learning.

A report by Cisco Systems states that adding visuals to verbal instruction can result in significant gain in basic or higher order learning, if applied appropiately. A VOKI would do just this as it includes visual and verbal

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  1. Hi Casey!

    I am doing the same course as you so have followed your blog.

    I agree that Voki would be a great way for students who aren't strong speakers to use as a tool.

    I think it would be beneficial for students to type part of their speeches into a voice activated avatar so that they could learn to replicate the pace of the voice and tone, as many students struggle with this!


  2. Hey Casey,

    I also agree that Voki avatars could be used as a great educational tool. It would really engage learners (Prensky, 2001) and ensure their short attention spans are not exceeded. I am also doing this course and created a Voki avatar too, which I found very fun and interesting! Just some thoughts,

    Carissa :)