Google Earth

Google earth is amazing! I have never used it before now and I think it is very convient. I have learnt that Google Earth allows you to do a number of useful things including:
-locating a place
-getting directions
-viewing the Earth, sky, moon and Mars

These are just a few things Google Earth allows us to do. Google Earth would be a very useful education tool, especially in a Geography class. An example of this would be for the teacher to write out a set of geographical questions, which the students could then answer using google earth. This would be less time consuming and more engaging for the students, then looking through an atlas. It may be advised to have a lesson on the tools and capabilites of Google earth before prepearing a lesson as the students may easily get side tracked exploring google earth. Google Earth is a perfect example of engagement, according to Kearsley and Schneiderman (1998), through interaction.


Kearsley.G & Shneiderman.B (1998).Engagement Theory:A framework for technology-based teaching and learning. accessed 17August, 2009,

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