Flickr is like an online photo album. It is a popular website for people to share their photographs with the rest of the world. When I was browsing through other people's photos I began thinking how flickr could be incorporated into the classroom. The advantage of useing flickr is that the students can access it anywhere there is an internet connection. Having said this it would allow teachers to post homework related photos to share with the class.

How to incorporate it into the classroom??
An example could be that an art class may be doing an assignment on digital images. Their assignment is to take photos which incorporate the different elements of art; colour, line, texture etc. Rather then just printing their digital images and handing them into the teacher the students can upload their digital images and share them with their peers. By doing this they can get feedback from their peers, teacher and others. The other advantage of doing this is that the students can search other peoples images and use them as examples of the elements of art. This shows that they can recognise the elements of art in photos as well as in reality. The students can be assessed on how well their photos relate to the elements of art and whether they can recognise the elements in other artworks (pictures).

I found the following image on flickr. It is Adrien Ruan's photo of Russell Falls. I choose this picture as it reminds me a lot of home. I enjoyed searching through other peoples photos. I also like the fact that they were catagorized, making it easier to find what I was looking for. Flickr may be a good source for students to use instead of picsearch, which can sometimes contain explicit photos. In 2007 Flickr introduced mandatory filtering of all photos and a process of central review of photos by staff to set levels of appropriateness therefore there is no chance that students stumble across inappropiate photos.
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