File Storage

Media file is a webiste which allows you to upload files from your computer so that they can accessed by anyone. Once the file is uploaded you can link to it from a Website (Blog or WIKI) and make it available for anyone to download. MediaFire allows you to store all your files online for easy secure access and enables you to distribute large files to hundreds or thousands of people without clogging inboxes or bogging down your website. (mediafire 2009)

I didn't have any documents that I could share therefore I uploaded my course material for one of my subjects to use as an example of how teachers can use media fire. The file is 142 pages long and in order to supply each student with the course material the teacher would have to print a lot of pages! To view and access the follow clink on the folowing URL.

MediaFire 2009 accessed 18/08/09 from

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