Voice thread

Voice thread allows you to make a range of comment types (text, drawing, voice, file upload, & video) on a video or image. I think voice thread would be a very useful ICT tool to incorporate into the classroom.

One way in which I think voice thread would be useful is for a History test. I remember when I was at school I studied modern history. We were studying WW1 and we had to do a stimulus test. The teacher supplied us with a number of different pictures which depicted different areas of WW1 which we had studied. For example one picture may have been of the enemies and another may have been a picture of people rallying in the street, and we had to write about the war in relation to the pictures. For example for the picture of the enemy we would write as much as we could about them and their involvement in the war.

So how would voice thread help? Well when I was doing the test I knew what I wanted to say but I didn't know how to put it into words sometimes. If the teacher was able to upload the images to voice thread then the students could do their test on-line and either write about the picture or speak about it. I have created a voice thread about some WW1 pictures. http://cdn.voicethread.com/?#u438692

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  1. Hi Casey,
    How cool is this technology, I have undertaken a couple now and although it took awhile for me to get my head around the different tools (and still exploring) found it to be a great learning experience and one which I would like to impart onto future students.
    Loretta (3p's)