What a phenomenom you-tube has turned out to be! YouTube is now being used by corporate, political, scientific and everyday users. So should you-tube be used by teachers as well?? In my opinion yes. Why you might ask.

Let's pretend i'm a grade 10 english teacher and I want my class to write an essay about text and how they persuade readers to feel a particular way. They have to comment on who's opinion is included and who's is omitted, the type of language used and the visuals included. I have choosen the Cronulla riots news report as the focus of the essay. I would download the the news report from you tube, rather then using the taped version that I have. The students would watch the news report and take notes as it goes. By using you-tube it allows the students to watch it as many times as they need in order to get all the information they need for their essays. Rather then watching it numerous times in class the students can access it at home. This gives extra time for writting the essay in class and getting teacher feedback. The following you-tube clip is an example of the clip I would have the students watch. You-tube is not accessible in schools therefore the teacher would have to download the news report and project it on the board using a over head projector and give the students the url so they can access it at home.

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