WIKIPedia is a free online encyclopedia that allow anyone to contribute and/or edit. It has a tight set of guidelines/rules and moderators to keep the information accurate and avoid breaches of copyright. I has a vast amount of information which can be used as a resource for students. It is quick, exhaustive and easy to gather information and gain knowledge in subject areas. Wikipedia is often viewed as an unreliable source as it can be edited by anyone. However research has found that it is just as accurate as Encyclopaedia Britannica. Although Wikipedia contains a vast amount of informtation, it is important to push students to use a number of different sources.

I am doing an assigment for another class on creative enterprises and I found Wikipedia to be a very useful website with a vast amount of information. When typing in searches the majority of the time the first result is wikipedia. Wikipedia is easily accessed and is a good resource for students.

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  1. Hi Casey,

    That is really interesting about Wikipedia being found to be just as reliable as Encyclopaedia Britannica! I use Wikipedia for everything so that's really cool to know. Also next time someone says sarcastically "well if you read it on Wikipedia then it must be true," I can respond with that little fact! Hehe


  2. Hey Casey,

    I agree, what an interesting fact. I have always been to worried to use Wikipedia for assignments or in any lessons, because I have been under the impression it is very unreliable.

    Well I definitely know now it can be a great resources for all students whether in primary school or university.

    Can't wait to use it in my classroom.