Using Music on Web

Recently I visited the website Incomepete and searched through the royality free music section and choose a song that could be used in the classroom. I choose to download Feelin Good. It has an up-beat tempo that is uplifting and feel good. By adding this to a website or to a class it would attract students attentions and make their research more up lifting and less boring, however it's not so over powering that the students will lose their concentration.

Say the students came from a history lesson that required them to read and take notes from a text book, to a sport lesson requiring energy. The sport teacher could play this song at the beginning of the lesson to get the students in an energetic mood. It could also be used in the sense of ciriculum. For example students could include music in thier oral presesntations, powerpoint presesntations and/or as a basis for a written assignment that relates to human bahaviour and music. These are just a few ideas of how music can be used in a classroom or on the net.


  1. Hi Casey,

    Good points!
    I often find that different types of music can effect people in different ways, often helping them concentrate or become more energetic!

    I think we would just need to be careful in what music we do pick, even if it is a nice tempo etc, some students might be opposed to it and find it off putting.


  2. Thanks Clair
    I totally agree with you about being careful of the choose of music. I also find that different music affects my mood. I think the good thing about music on the web is that sometimes web pages gives you the choice of whether you would like tot listen to it or not.