Powerpoint has an endless array of features that you may include in your presesentation. Such features include animations, sound, colour, images, tables, charts and speaker notes.

Recently I created a powerpoint presesntation on how to use the features of powerpoint. I am very familiar with powerpoint and its features, therefore I didn't come across too many problems. I think the main issue I had was not how to use the features but how to use them to make an effective powerepoint that is easy to follow and not cluttered, ie the overall effect of the powerpoint.

Powerpoint can be used in a classroom environment a numer of different. Teachers could create presentations explainging a new project, rather then reading it from a piece of paper. Teachers could also use it to create tests that involve images, text and animations. for example if a test included a written part about animations and a multiple choice part the teacher would be able to include it all on powerepoint instead of giving the student a test paper and use the computer program fro the animation section.

Overall there are multiple uses for PowerPoint presentations and the use of ICT has been proven to enhance learning and engage the students. Multimodal learning, which is the use of many different modes and strategies, cater to individual learners' needs and capacities, is more effective than traditional learning. Therefore I believe there is room in the classroom for powerpoint as it offers visuals and written elements.

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