Rather then explain what podcasting is I have included a You-tube clip to show you what it is.

Okay so now we know what Podcasting is but how can this be incorporated into learning?
Recently I downloaded i-tunes and accessed the i-tunes store. I clicked on the podcast link and then searched for education podcasts. I found one called just vocabulary. This podcast contained a lot of free training lessons for vocabulary. I believe this podcast could be used in an english class, as it teachers basic vocabulary. The good things about podcasts is that they can be put onto students i-pods and therefore can be accessed when ever.

Prensky's (2005) article Engage or Enrage me states that there are 3 types of students. The first two groups are dealt with by schools, but the third group, the students that believe school is irrelevante are difficult to cater to. Students that are so use to their 'other life' can't stand school. I-pods are part of most students 'other life' and therefore would assist in engaging the third group in their learning.

Whilst the use of i-pods in schools is not wide spread there are a number of schools experimenting with the use of i-pods to record lessons, download and transfer files from school to home, create podcasts and send assignments and other material to teachers.

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  1. Hi Casey,

    Good suggested uses for podcasts!

    I think they would be a great asset to students who are being home schooled as they are easy to download and as you said, can be used at any time.


  2. That is a good point, I didn't even think of home schooling!!