WIKIs are quite new to me at this point in time. I am now familiar with wet paint. My wetpaint site can be access at the folling URL

Wikis are very accessible and easy to create. They can be open for contributions or closed to the individual who created the wiki. They can be a very useful tool in engaging students in their learning.

Eg: Teachers design a task where the students are put into teams of 10 to plan an upcoming community event. Due to the large number of people, a wiki site would make it easier for the group to collaborate all their ideas into one site and discuss issues that may arise and problems that need to be seen to. It allows each student to make their own contributions and then come up with a final plan as a group, using each students ideas. By using a wiki to plan an upcoming event it egages the students and uses the three stages of the engagement theory:
  • Relate
  • Create
  • Donate

Relate:Students can relate to the project as they live in the community and will be involved in the upcoming event.
Create: Students are creating a plan of which involves creating a schedule for the event including the times, locations and resources needed.
Donate: Their finished plan will be put foward to the event committee and used for the upcoming event.

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