Video, another visual tool which can assist with teaching. Video allows one to show demonstrations and such which cannot be shown or easily explained on a piece of paper. However there can be issues with videos; students may forget what they learnt therefore it is a good idea to post the video on the net so that students can access it when ever and where ever they need to. When I was at school I found long videos to be quite daunting and boring and often forgot a lot of what was in it. Having too much information on one video may cause an information overload and consequently the student loses interest. Therefore the content of the video has to be carefully choosen.

Video is a very useful tool if used correctly, like most teaching tools. Students need a range of learning opportunities. Students have different levels of motivation, different attitudes
about teaching and learning, and different responses to specific classroom environments and instructional practices. Students have different learning styles and personalitites therefore it is important to cater for all the different needs.

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