Learnng Management systems (LMS)

LMS' are generally used by education institutions, such as universitities, as they allow easy access to course material all in one place. Students are able to log in, using username and password, as most LMS' are password protected, and access their course content and communicate with their teacher and peers. The great thing about LMS is that everything is in the one spot. LMS' can be catagorized into two sorces; proporiety or open. Blackboard, which is used in many circumstances, including university, is an example of a proporiety source. Moodle, which I am using for E-learning management, is an example of an open source. Each source has its positive and negative attributes. During this term I have encounted and used both Blackboard and Moodle and I find that Moodle is more intereactive. the following clip is a good example of what moodle is and what it is capable of.

I have only recently been introduced to Blackboard and Moodle, and already I find that they are very effective for educational institutions and I look foward to continuing using Moodle in my future studies.

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